Wild Bird Fund Says High-Rise Condo is Bird Killer

  Last modified on July 26th, 2020

Rita McMahon of Wild Bird Fund, headquartered on the Upper West Side, told the NY Post that 28 birds died when they flew into the facade of Circa Central Park (at 285 West 110th Street) this past weekend. The 28 deaths are due to what McMahon calls “‘one of the worst offenders’ in the city when it comes to yearly migratory bird deaths”, attributing the fatalities to the building’s transparent facade, according to the Post.

McMahon says the birds end up smashing into the windows before falling to the ground, thereby suffering from two concussions when this happens.

She also told the outlet that this has been happening at the building every spring, and that dead birds can be seen at the building on a regular basis.

“There are dead birds in front of Circa every day,” she told the Post.

“It’s a tall glass structure that reflects the northern corner of Central Park. The birds flying think they’re flying into Central Park. For one single building, it’s really bad, primarily because of its placement. This is a condo, a high-rent building.”

Wild Bird Fund also posted an Instagram message about the unfortunate incident:


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One morning, one building: 28 birds dead, 2 found alive. These are all migrants, most have flown thousands of miles to be here only to crash into a condo building’s windows. This happened at Circa Central Park @circacentralpark, a glass-fronted building recently constructed right next to Central Park, one of the most important migratory stopovers on the East Coast. These deaths occur daily here every spring and fall. There are many solutions, but the building owners have to implement them. We hope the residents, and prospective residents, of this building will be as outraged about this as we are. And that the owners will finally make some changes. If you’d like to help us during this intense time, we thank you. (Link in bio.) . . #windowstrike #birdsafeglass #wildliferehab #springmigration #circacentralpark

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The Wild Bird Fund Center is located at 565 Columbus Avenue, between 87th and 88th Streets.

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