39th Winter Solstice Celebration

  Last modified on December 7th, 2018

The 2018 Winter Solstice NYC Celebration will be taking place between December 20th and 22nd at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The Winter Solstice Celebration is an occasion to gather your family and closest friends to rejoice in the spirt of the holidays. This dazzling event features performances from Grammy Award winning musicians and cultural dancers. The epic musical experience is also largely focused on showcasing diversity in the arts. Read on to find out who’s performing at this year’s concerts!


The annual event is based on the ancient habit of awaiting the arrival of the winter solstice. Cultures from all around the world have long engaged in rituals to embrace the shortest day of the year and also welcome the return of longer days. It’s a grand event that also serves as a reminder of the achievements of the past year while looking forward into the future. The winter solstice celebration has also become a holiday tradition for many Upper West Siders. It has attracted residents and visitors alike since it’s inaugural edition back in 1980. In fact, some also consider it to be as popular as Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes.

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A Few Highlights

Forces of Nature

The Forces of Nature Dance Theatre Company will also be part of this year’s program. A cast of 25 dancers and drummers will perform on stage to celebrate the arrival of the Winter Solstice. The dancers will incorporate a one-of-a-kind routine of dances from different cultures and genres. These include ballet, hip-hop, West African dances, and also European and Caribbean beats. They also blend the choreography with martial arts and acrobatics to tell a story through the movements of the body. The theatre company was recently featured on a PBS special called “Great Performances”. The show highlighted the company’s contributions towards increasing awareness of the history of African dance. Their shows are always compelling and make for an engaging experience.

Winter Solstice NYC

Paul Winter

Paul Winter will be back to perform at the concerts as the soprano saxophonist. He’ll play with the help of the Paul Winter Consort. Winter’s melodies are inspired by the sounds found in nature and the animal kingdom. Furthermore, his passion for the environment also helped him create his own original sound. Winter calls this original genre “Earth Music”. The Grammy Award winning saxophonist also picks up inspiration from his year living abroad in Brazil.  The Paul Winter Consort is formed by double-reed player Paul McCandless, cellist Eugene Friesen, pianist Paul Sullivan, organist Tim Brumfield, bassist Eliot Wadopian, and percussionist Jamey Haddad.

Winter Solstice NYC


Theresa Thomason

Theresa Thomason is also performing as a featured guest for this year’s celebration. The talented gospel singer has toured across more than 100 cities in Europe. Thomason got her first hit on the airwaves with the tune “Fresh Enuff”. In the past, she’s also performed at the United Nations and other important concert venues around the world. Thomason’s soulful voice is considered to be a national treasure by some.

Winter Solstice NYC

General admission for the 2018 performance of Winter Solstice NYC is priced at $58 and $38. Reserved seating is available for $98 while premium tickets are priced at $123 and $148. Enjoy the spirt of the holidays at the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. The cathedral’s high ceilings provides wonderful acoustics that make for a truly special musical experience. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is located 1047 Amsterdam Ave.

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