Woman Captures Goose in Central Park

  Last modified on July 26th, 2020

On October 5th, a video of a woman capturing a goose in Central Park was taken. The video was originally shared on Instagram last Thursday, and it has since been viewed over 64,000 times.

Onlookers seemed pretty confused when they witnessed the woman slowly approaching the goose, draping her jacket over it, and then walking away with it.

But it turns out the goose-catcher was Rita McMahon, executive director of The Wild Bird Fund.

A day after the original video was released, the Wild Bird Fund posted a message on Instagram explaining that McMahon was capturing a goose named Calista after a failed release attempt.

“Calista Goose originally came to us with lead toxicity, and while in our care, became very attached to another Canada goose patient named Alyssa. Subsequently, Calista became distressed when she was released in Central Park without her friend, and she started wandering around and honking for her buddy. Rita brought Calista back to the center and both geese were relocated to a private sanctuary in upstate NY.”

First reported by Yahoo News Canada

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