Woman Randomly Punched in Head While Walking Dog

A woman in her late 30s was randomly assaulted this weekend while out with her dog for a walk.

It happened on Saturday at about 7:30 p.m. on Broadway between 91st and 92nd streets.

The man who hit her had been walking in the same direction, about ten feet in front of her. Out of nowhere, she says he turned around and lunged towards her before striking her in the head, causing her to drop her phone. He didn’t attempt to steal anything from her.

The woman told ILTUWS that ten or fifteen passersby stopped to ask if she was okay, and one of those good samaritans called the police.

The cops arrived quickly and the woman rode with them to help locate the man who’d just assaulted her. It took about ten minutes to find him on Amsterdam Ave. near 97th Street, where police arrested him.

The woman described the assailant as a white man in his 40s or 50s with puffy brown hair.

Shortly after publishing this article, a woman contacted us saying “This man also touched me inappropriately yesterday and stared me down before walking into oncoming traffic at 71st and Broadway. This was around 6:00pm Saturday.”

On Monday, we were contacted by a man who told us he too had a run-in with the suspect. “This man also shoved my shoulder while I was walking down the sidewalk on 80th and Amsterdam in broad daylight [on Saturday afternoon].”


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