Have YOU Been To Yu Kitchen?

Okay. A new restaurant opened last month, and do’h! I missed it. Yu Kitchen had their opening at 2656 Broadway (101st Street) in July. The previous tenant was Lava Kitchen … which was also a Chinese restaurant, with the same hours, and, yep, here it is … the same Google page (scroll down to the oldest reviews and you’ll see “Lava Kitchen” mentioned).

Okay, so we’ve established the two restaurants come from the same owners. Maybe they wanted to switch things up, maybe they wanted to shut down for tax purposes, who knows..

Yu Kitchen’s menu is a bit different, though. They specialize in Northwestern Chinese cuisine, with an extensive menu including hot pots, handmade dumplings and wontons, and a huge selection of homemade noodles and rice.

At the moment, they’ve got four out of five stars on Yelp, based on eight public reviews (two of these are 1-star reviews, which for a brand new restaurant is a bit alarming). But, they do have five 5-star reviews, and one 3-star.


Here are some pics from Yu Kitchen’s Yelp page:

Yu Kitchen Dry Hotpot

dry hot pot

Beef dumplings in spicy and sour soup

Beef dumplings in spicy and sour soup

Xinjiang Style Chili Pepper Chicken

Xinjiang Style Chili Pepper Chicken

Yu Kitchen is open every day from 11am to 930pm. Here’s their menu.

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