91 Year Old Lox Slicer Returns to Zabar’s

Len Berk, a 91 year old lox slicer, has returned to his post at Zabar’s after a one year absence due to the pandemic, the NY Post reports.

The Post writes that Berk has been behind the lox counter for the last 26 years, and has become a favorite among many clients which have included Upper West Side celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Jerry Stiller.

“People come to me repeatedly. Some people say that I’m their lox slicer and they’ll always come to me, even if they have to wait extra time,” Berk told the Post.

Berk was furloughed in March 2020 when the city entered a lockdown, during which time the manager of Zabar’s was asked about his whereabouts. “I was almost an institution there,” said Berk.

Berk worked as an accountant before Zabar’s, which paid him more, but didn’t give him the same level of satisfaction, and it didn’t seem to be his calling. “I have a way with salmon.”

Fans of Len and his lox perked up when Zabar’s shared the story of his return.

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