A Banged Up BMW

There’s a pretty banged up BMW crossover sitting in front of The Strand at 450 Columbus Avenue, between 81st and 82nd Streets – right around the corner from the 20th Precinct, which is located at 120 West 82nd Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues).

A sign on the window states “This vehicle is in the custody of the New York City Police Department. “Anyone” tampering or “removing parts” from this vehicle will be subject to arrest and possible imprisonment.”

In the comments section of our Instagram post, a couple of people mentioned that they’ve seen the car here for the last couple weeks. One person said “this isn’t the first time they’ve used this spot to dump a wrecked vehicle. There’s gotta be a better location to park these …”

Another said “the cops have used this stretch of Columbus to store wrecked cars for a while now — just another middle finger to the neighborhood in addition to barricading 82nd at random times and turning the north sidewalk of 82nd [Street] and Columbus into a police parking lot.”

And another commenter asked if this was a “new Banksy.”

We reached out to the NYPD to see if they could provide more info. A representative wrote back to say that “Most likely it was removed to a spot close to the 20th Precinct pending an investigation and removal (tow) of the vehicle. There are currently no accident reports on file for a Black BMW. It may need to still be prepared by the Officers.”

We’ll provide an update if and when we learn more.

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