A New Bagel Spot is Popping Up on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on January 8th, 2024

popup bagels

Pop Up Bagels, that is. Opening on 76th and Columbus Avenue, Pop Up Bagels is not your typical bagel place. It’s the latest in a series of shops known for their unique take on the classic New York food – so it likely won’t be of interest to New York bagel purists.


Unlike traditional bagel places, which serve bagels sliced in half topped with butter, cream cheese and other spreads, Pop Up Bagels serves its bagels uncut. Instead of slicing and schmearing, this bagel biz encourages its customers to rip and dip, tearing up bagels and dunking little bits into its spreads, which range from scallion cream cheese to pesto butter to chocolate hazelnut. This, the bagel business claims, represents “The Bagel as it Should Be.”

It’s worth noting that they’ll slice your bagel if you ask them to, but they might not be happy about it.

If you’re looking for that bagel experience on the fly, you can feel free to just pop in and grab one. If you’re more of the planning type, Pop Up also lets you order in advance, although to avail yourself of that option you’ll have to bagel in bulk. Pop Up has a minimum order of 12 bagels and two schmears.

The UWS location isn’t open yet, but Pop Up has another NYC location at 177 Thompson St. between West Houston and Bleecker. They also have shops in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Florida. Here are reviews for the downtown location.


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