A New Security System at Every Public School in NYC

New York City public schools are set to receive a new security system to enhance the safety of children and educators.

The Panel for Education Policy (PEP) – which consists of 23 voting members, most of whom have been appointed by the mayor – recently approved an initiative to provide locked doors and video cameras at every public school in the city, Pix 11 News was first to report. Some estimates say it could cost upwards of $78 million.

The security systems will enable school safety agents to view visitors through cameras and unlock doors to allow entry.

The majority of panelists voted in favor of the project, though there were some concerns from parents – including the fact that this solution doesn’t address the high volume of violent incidents which take place outside of school buildings, including recent shootings outside of schools in Williamsburg and Coney Island.

There’s no clear timeline for the installation of the new equipment.

During a recent Zoom meeting, the mayor also urged school principals to cultivate relationships with local police departments, emphasizing the importance of maintaining open communication channels to promptly report any threats to school safety.


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