A Senior Love Story, Maybe

Today, we present you with a feel good story about an elderly widowed man making the extra effort to connect with a woman he met at the Whole Foods at 808 Columbus Ave.

We spotted this love connection story on NextDoor with a post from the man’s daughter that said, quite plainly: “Please help my father find the woman he’s interested in!!!” The man, Larry, had been chatting with the woman while in line, and all he remembered was what she looked like and that she worked at Columbia University Press.


Larry’s daughter went on to explain that this was the first woman he appeared interested in since her mother passed away nearly two years ago. “Let’s make this happen!!” she wrote. After a lot of encouraging feedback, she encouraged her father to make a flier to pass around at Columbia University Press (61 West 62nd Street) where the woman said she worked. The flier was a letter Larry had addressed “To My Unknown Whole Foods Friend.”

We reached out to the dad in question and he told us a little more about himself, and provided us with a copy of the letter, which included his email address. “Surprisingly, in just a few short minutes, we found a number of mutually-interesting connections,” he wrote to his hopeful paramour. He pointed out their mutual love of literature, sent her best wishes for a Shabbat Shalom, and said he regretted not asking her out for coffee. He might have, but he admitted to forgetting her name and didn’t want to embarrass himself. He explained how his daughter posted the message on NextDoor and encouraged him to write a letter and post it at her work. “If you have any interest in following up, please be in touch,” he wrote tenderly with the bold follow up that “everyone on the UWS is rooting for me.”


Larry’s love interest saw the letter and emailed him pretty quickly. When we reconnected with Larry and asked about his still-upcoming coffee date, he offered two different takes. “A cup of coffee might be the beginning or the end of a friendship. Or, it might turn out to be simply a singular NYC experience.”

“I’m a curious person,” Larry continued to tell us. “The only thing worse than an awkward cup of coffee would be no cup of coffee at all.”


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