Anti-Masker Tells Off Target Employee, Gets Exposed to Millions on TikTok

A video that shows a Target customer who has apparently refused to put on a mask and is berating an employee has gone viral. TikTok user @rossisfunny, who posted the video on January 19, says the scene took place at the Target store at 61st Street and Broadway. The anti-masker has been dubbed “Target Tammy.”

@rossisfunny These poor cashiers who literally do not get paid enough to be doxed by this woman for just doing their jobs #nyc #karenalert #target #gay ? original sound – rossisfunny

Ross narrates his video, which has garnered 1.8 million views to date. ”I’m in Target by Columbus Circle and this idiot is bullying the cashiers because she doesn’t want to wear a mask and she’s streaming on Instagram, and they love drama so let’s give them drama.”


At one point during her outburst, “Tammy” hurls a homophobic slur at Ross, to which he says “Oh my god, do that again,” clearly relishing the idea that all this be immortalized on his social media (though he later speaks of his hesitations about giving such a person airtime). She goes on arguing with the cashier, insisting that a “[mask] mandate is not a law.”

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At the end of the video, Ross confesses to having taken her earphones, which fell to the ground amid the commotion.

In an update on January 21, Ross returns to Target, wanting to turn over the earphones to the Lost and Found; he is welcomed with affection by the employees as their defender. He then addresses “Tammy” directly, challenging her to claim them. “I’m here at the scene of your zero-budget political performance,” he says. He also extends a benevolent invitation to the foul-mouthed anti-masker. “If you want to get a drink, let me know. I think you need more homos in your life, just judging, kind of based, on everything about you!”

@rossisfunny Hey “Target Tammy”, the lovely cashiers you harassed are waiting for you to come in and claim your property! #nyc #karenalert #target #gay ? original sound – rossisfunny

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