Anti-Semitic Attack on Central Park West

  Last modified on November 10th, 2023

On Saturday night, a woman and her friends were walking down Central Park West on 92nd Street when they were followed in a car and pelted with eggs. They were wearing Shabbat clothing and the men had yarmulkes on. The woman we spoke with was hit in the head by one of the eggs and suffered a concussion.

In recent weeks, more than two dozen hate crimes against Jews were reported in NYC, and the FBI has announced that they will join the NYPD to try to combat what amounts to a 93% increase.

“It was just so clear and obvious as to why we were targeted. There were so many people around us, and they only targeted us. A doorman who saw what happened said that they were behind us and sought us out. So in my eyes, it’s clear,” she said.


She called the police, but was told that unless she called an ambulance, they would not take a report. At the time, she says she was shaken by what happened and wanted to go home. Later, when she started to feel ill, she did go to the hospital and received the news she had suffered a concussion as a result of being hit. She then followed up with the police who have since filed an assault report.

“I understand how other people might not think that this could have been a hate crime, but in my head it’s just so beyond obvious and I feel like so many other people just don’t get it.”

Police officials have said the true number of hate crimes in the city is probably higher than stats indicate because many of them go unreported. The woman who was assaulted said she’s speaking out so that the UWS and NYC can know what’s going on, and is not surprised that more incidents haven’t been reported. Other Jews on the Upper West Side have come forward saying they’ve experienced threats of violence – and in some cases actual violence – but have been afraid to speak out.

“I think it’s so important to speak out, because this time it was an egg, but if we don’t stop these people, what’s going to be next? I don’t want to put someone else in danger. I feel like this was just simply a stepping stone to a bigger potential crime.”

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