Art Gallery Replaces Europan

center gallery upper west side

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Center Gallery has opened at 135 Columbus Avenue, at 66th Street, a space which was previously occupied by Europan.

The art gallery, a project of the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts, opened to the public on June 19, launching its inaugural exhibition entitled “Great Awakening: Vision and Synthesis in Latter-day Saint Contemporary Art.”

The Center for Latter-day Saint Arts was founded in 2016 and previously held art festivals at Riverside Church and Columbia University.

“The gallery’s goals are to engage the community with fine art exhibitions, lectures, concerts, and educational gatherings,” according to Center Gallery’s website.

In a welcome letter written by Center Gallery manager Glen Nelson, it’s stated that “Although the goals of the Center Gallery are to shine a light on artists springing from our faith tradition, we are also working with other religious congregations to produce inter-faith exhibitions and events in the future. It is our sincere wish to bring neighbors together through a gateway of fine art. It is our hope that the Center Gallery will become a place where artists and scholars can share their stories with the public and where all people will feel at home.”

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