Best Chinese Food on the Upper West Side

Best Chinese Food on the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side loves Chinese food! Since a ride downtown to Chinatown is not always feasible, there are some excellent restaurants on the Upper West Side to fulfill that hunkering for Chinese food on the Upper West Side.

Best Chinese Food in Washington Heights

Han Dynasty

215 West 85th Street

Yes, it’s part of a chain of Szechuan restaurants through the country (with one downtown) but we won’t hold that against it. Its large “family style” preparation makes it ideal for trying out a few dishes and just sharing the bill. (Doesn’t that just simplify everything!) Choice items include “dan dan noodles” and the dry pepper chicken. Just remember that it’s “Szechuan,” so hot and spicy is the norm here. Make sure to ask to tone it down if a calmer taste is your thing. Han Dynasty was featured at both the 2016 and 2017 New Taste of the Upper West Side.

Chinese Food on the Upper West Side


Red Farm

2170 Broadway

This local spot, given A+ marks from an Asian reviewer, offers dim sum/appetizer-styled dishes and again, try everything. The owners bring a “greenmarket” touch to their menu, and it seems like their Pac Man dumplings with guac and sweet potatoes keep customers coming back. One commenter was only disappointed because they didn’t live closer. Red Farm is located at NYLO, a cool hotel on the Upper West Side.

Chinese Restaurants on the Upper West Side


Xi’AN Famous Foods

2675 Broadway

A great Chinese place that has done well since its roots in a Queens mall in the mid-2000s. It now boasts 8 locations, with the UWS getting some nice word of mouth. Their specialties include “hand-ripped” noodles and lamb burgers with a kick of house-made flatbread. Here’s a suggestion for the spiciness of the dishes: balance it with the jasmine tea.

Chinese Restaurants Upper West Side


Canteen 82

467 Columbus Ave

This casual and well-priced Chinese place specializes mostly in noodles and dumplings, but they also have a really extensive sushi menu! All of their dumplings are awesome, especially their Shu Mai, soup and chicken dumplings. Plus they have a nice list of bubble teas available on their lunch menu!

chinese food upper west side

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Legend 72

127 West 72nd Street

Legend 72 specializes in authentic and spicy Sichuan cuisine in a casual setting. Some dishes to try include the spicy crawfish and spicy fish with green bean noodle. They also have a dim sum menu which includes some classic dumplings, cold and sizzling plates, and a “design your own dish” option for $13.50.

Chinese restaurants upper west side

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