Black & White Photo Exhibit: Shuttered and Still Standing Storefronts

Upper West Side photographer Michael Burlingame – who was recently named one of 3,000 New York City-based artists to receive $5,000 through the City Artist Corps Grants program – will soon be bringing his exhibit, “Some Have Gone and Some Remain: The Vanishing Upper West Side” to the neighborhood.

His black and white photographs will be on display from October 1 to October 29 at Corks on Columbus, located 313 Columbus Avenue (between 74th and 75th Streets).


The exhibit will include photos of both shuttered businesses and “structures that seem permanently fixed in place,” like …

Mitchell's Wine

Pioneer uws

Burlingame has been on the Upper West Side since 2004, and tells us the idea for the project was likely sparked in 2013 when he heard Big Nick’s on 77th and Broadway was going to close. “I just loved the chaotic look of the storefront and decided to photograph it.” (The other Big Nick’s recently closed its doors as well).

Big Nick's on Broadway

This first photo led Burlingame to wander the Upper West Side to photograph more visually appealing storefronts, many of which are now just a memory.

old Harry's Burritos

anel cleaners


The exhibit also includes some stoop and facade photography, like this image of a formerly uninhabitable townhouse at 118 West 76th Street.

Burlingame came to New York as a filmmaker in the ’90s, spending much of that decade on the road with rock bands shooting behind-the-scenes footage and documentaries.

Michael Burlingame’s independent films have been featured in many international film festivals, including the London Film Festival, the Brussels International Festival of Film and Video, the Chicago International Film Festival, the Big Apple Film Festival, and the Krakow International Festival of Short Films.

As editor, he has done documentaries on Ernest Hemingway, Charles Darwin, Bertrand Russell, William Butler Yeats, Igor Stravinsky, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Music projects include the Janis Joplin documentary Nine Hundred Nights, as well as films and videos with Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, and others. He received an Emmy nomination for his work with Sting.

“The Vanishing Upper West Side” will be on display from October 1 to October 29 at Corks on Columbus, located 313 Columbus Avenue (between 74th and 75th Streets). There will be a wine tasting at the October 1 opening from 5:30-7:30pm.

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