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Brownstone Blocks of the Upper West Side

Brownstone Blocks of the Upper West Side

The beautiful tree-lined streets of the Upper West Side make it feel like a small suburb in the big city.  The chirping birds and quiet side streets keep us sane!  And they should not only be cherished and appreciated, but recognized.  Here are a few of my personal favorite blocks.

When we say brownstones, we mean both brownstones and townhouses.  The difference is slight, and unimportant for purposes of this post, but feel free to read the following article if you’d like to know what the difference between the two is:

Brownstones Vs. Townhouses

69th between Columbus and Central Park West

One of the most popular blocks on the Upper West Side.  Both for its beauty and location.  Check out this block on Halloween!  You’ll find out why…

Brownstone Blocks of the Upper West Side

71st between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue

This is a dead end block just South of where Riverside Park begins. I really love this street because it seems like every single townhouse is a different color. It’s super quiet and it really feels like you’ve left New York City.

brownstone blocks NYC


71st between West End and Amsterdam

This block has a very eclectic mix of architecture, which you can read more about here: It’s a hilly street which makes it fun for bike rides.

brownstones nyc

74th between Central Park West and Columbus

This block is lined with stunning red-brick townhouses. On the North side of the street, closer towards Columbus, is the famous Patsy’s, which makes some of the best pizza on the Upper West Side.

nyc brownstones

76th between Central Park West and Columbus

Superb in beauty. Just absolutely gorgeous. The New York Historical Society is located on its eastern corner facing the park.

prettiest blocks in manhattan

78th between Amsterdam and Columbus

I’m trying to find more synonyms for “beautiful”. But that’s what these streets are all about. This one has been rated by Time Out New York as one of the city’s “Top Ten Blocks”. Seriously! See it here: They consider it number 10, but I’m going to have to strongly disagree and move it up a few notches.

In my opinion, this block is also the home to one of the prettiest brownstones in NYC.

prettiest nyc streets

87th between Columbus and Central Park West

Quiet with chirping birds and friendly neighbors. This brownstone block has its own community garden which is a great place to meet your neighbors. best blocks nyc

89th between Columbus and Central Park West

Begin (or end) your run around the Central Park Reservoir by taking in the brownstones on 89th between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.

tree-lined streets in nyc

91st between West End and Broadway

Limestone and red brick mansions with moss covered facades line the streets between 88th and 92nd, Riverside to Broadway. This block, 91st between West End Ave and Broadway, is a particularly striking example.

nyc brownstones

105th between Riverside and West End

I find all of the blocks in this area really amazing. This one is on a hill and the townhouses have a different style than those further South. Right in the heart of the “Jazz District”.

prettiest nyc blocks

Want to live on one of these amazing blocks? Have a look at these current Upper West Side apartments!


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