Central Park Proposal Goes Viral

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As the days get colder and we wade through the ups and downs of persistent COVID waves, it’s easy to forget that we’re in a season bursting with cheer and romance. Unannounced love stories bubble up, surrounding us in their passing warmth.

25 years ago, Katie was living in Alabama and received an urgent call from her roommate, who had been locked out of her car. She told Katie she was scared. Just home from the gym, Katie didn’t waste time changing out of her dingy workout clothes. It was only a two minute drive. She hopped in the car and raced over – only to find a note on her roommate’s car that said “I got a ride home.”


Katie drove away upset and quickly noticed a police car trailing close behind. Her evening only got worse when its’ blue lights flicked on. She pulled over to the side of the road.

The sound of footsteps drew near her car door and beams of light flashed through her windows. She set her head against the steering wheel, surrendering to misfortune when an officer said, “Were going to let this guy take over.” Bewildered, she looked up and found her boyfriend, Brian, laughing. He got down on one knee and proposed. “I don’t know whether to hit you or hug you” she said. But the two were soon married, had four children and a less than romantic proposal story.

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For Brian, after 25 years of marriage, it was time for a second chance.

In a TikTok video which has now garnered nearly 10 million views, Katie and her daughter Abi visit New York and take a stroll through Central Park. At a picturesque bridge overlooking Central Park South, Abi records a video, pretending to take a quick scenic pic of her mom who smiles, totally unsuspecting of what is about to unfold.

From the corner of the frame, we see a man approach. Katie turns, nearly collides with him and discovers it’s her husband, filming her reaction on his phone. The video cuts to his footage and we witness her joyful surprise. “What are you doing? Why are you here? I’m so confused,” She says laughing, her bright smile beaming through her mask, lighting up the camera lens.


She reaches for her husband’s face and he drops to one knee. “So. You didn’t get a romantic proposal the first time around,” Brian says, pulling out a ring. “So, I thought I’d try again.”

He continues, “After 25 years I would love to spend the rest of my life with you again and would love to marry you again. And so, if you will take this, you can make me happy forever.”

Despite her steady hand, their 19-year-old daughter is heard sobbing while an audience of onlooking New Yorkers applauds from the distance. The couple embrace and are 25 years younger in an instant. Katie’s feet lift from the pavement and into the crisp December air as an immortalized holiday love is presented to millions of people around the world.

@katieprentissmy daughter and husband have had this planned for months. How is this my life?!? IMPERIAL PIANO – Treia Music

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