Central Park’s Newest ‘Karen’

As two Black women were concluding a recent bike ride through Central Park, they came into a situation with a woman who is now being dubbed the ‘New Central Park Karen.’ When a portable phone charger fell out of one of their bags, the ‘Karen’ picked it up and refused to give it back, insisting the Black women first “prove it was theirs.” She then called the police to make false accusations against them.

One of the women, Tik Toker Alana Lambert, posted a series of videos documenting the event to her profile on May 6.

“The charger slid out of my friend’s bike and she ran to pick it up & refused to give it back until we prove[d] it.”

As the two women surrounded her to get their property back, the ‘Karen’ called the police to claim they were threatening her and surrounding her like they were “going to beat her … or something.”

One of the women asked, “Are you racist or something?” and the ‘Karen’ replied with “Yes I am.”

In the second video below, she can be heard telling fellow park-goers that the two women were threatening to kill her.

@alanalambert3so i met a NYC Karen today & I must say they’re a tad different than the South. Part 1? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3This is how NYC Karen ended up with the charger. Its crazy the whole park was looking at us crazy. Part 2? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 3? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 4? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 5 ~ it’s my bday today.. have patience & give me 5 minutes to enjoy my Taurus life & not relive this. Full video on my YouTube if ur in a rush.? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 6. I got the charger back (: they wanted me to wait until she calmed down & walked away… enabling? ##karenact ##karen? original sound – Alana Lambert

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In another series of videos, Lambert documents her time reporting the incident at an East Village police precinct. The officer she spoke with indicated there was no real crime to report, even though the woman they dealt with didn’t appear to be a good person and may not have been mentally all there.

Following last year’s incident between Christian Cooper and Amy Cooper, Governor Cuomo did sign into legislation a new law making it illegal to place false or racially fueled 911 reports. However, the officer at the precinct did not seem aware of this.

Here are the videos Lambert shared from her interactions at the precinct.

@alanalambert3How I spent my bday yesterday pt.1 ##nycpolice? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 2. it’s not illegal to be a bad person? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 3? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 4? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 5? original sound – Alana Lambert

@alanalambert3Part 6. It gets worse… Normalize not calling racists simply “mentally ill” & not even doing anything about that? original sound – Alana Lambert

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