Chalupa is the Best Goat

In Riverside Park Conservancy’s first-ever ranked choice goat vote, Chalupa has edged out Ms. Bo Peep to become the 2021 G.O.A.T. Chalupa, known as “the hungriest goat on this side of the Hudson,” represents the Grand Old Goat (GOG) Party.

“It was a tight race, but New Yorkers clearly took a stand against negative campaigning, at least among goats,” said Dan Garodnick, Conservancy President & CEO. “Today they recognized a true champion.” Garodnick is referring to a nasty attack ad by Ms. Bo Peep.

Chalupa was given his trophy, and more importantly, love and attention from important people, at the September 14 ceremony.

Chalupa wins

(Left to right): George Shea, Co-Founder of Major League Eating; Hannah Kirshenbaum, Conservancy Gardener; Dan Garodnick, Conservancy President & CEO; Linda Rosenthal, Assemblymember, NYS Assembly District 67.

But Buckles … what the hell.

Buckles is a fine goat. You’re all terrible.

Buckles campaign poster

And I don’t see why Chalupa is so much better.

Chalupa campaign poster


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