Cherry Blossom Season Arrives Early in Central Park

central park cherry blossom map

c/o Central Park Conservancy

New Yorkers can likely all agree that Central Park is a sight to behold 365 days of the year, but it’s particularly majestic once spring arrives. Although temperatures still remain somewhat chilly, the season is starting early — for the park’s beloved cherry blossoms, at least.


Year after year, folks flock uptown to take in the beautiful buds in all their pink glory, and the Central Park Conservancy has made it easier than ever to scope them out. Yesterday, the non-profit organization that maintains the world’s most famous park debuted an interactive cherry blossom tracker which lays out exactly where you need to stop on your stroll to encounter the flourishing florals.

“Ranging from deep magenta to pale pink to crisp white, Central Park’s cherry trees are a must-see in spring,” the Conservancy stated — and while five out of six key areas of the park remain in a pre-peak phase, the west side of the Reservoir (located mid-park from 86th to 96th streets) is already in full bloom. There, you will see deeply hued flowers on early-blooming Okames, as well as stunning Kwanzan cherry trees decked out with double-petaled pink flowers (the latter have yet to enter their peak).

Other prime spots to visit are the east side of the Reservoir for whitish-pink Yoshino cherry trees (mid-park from 86th to 96th streets), the Great Lawn for a jaw-dropping collection of Higan cherry trees (mid-park at 79th to 85th streets), Cherry Hill for delicate Yoshino cherries (mid-park at 72nd Street), Pilgrim Hill for towering Yoshino blooms (east side at 73rd street) and Sheep Meadow for Higan cherries which will be in full bloom soon (west side at 66th to 69th streets).

In other news, the Central Park Conservancy recently released a survey to improve safety and mobility conditions on the popular drives which run throughout the park.


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