Comedian Gives Upper West Side Waitress $7,000 Tip

A waitress at Lily’s Cocktail & Wine Bar (at 50 West 72nd Street) had a Thursday evening shift she won’t be forgetting about anytime soon.

On Thursday morning, comedian Robyn Schall asked her 140,000 Instagram followers to make contributions for struggling restaurant workers. She had soon collected over $13,000, telling Bloomberg she was “so overwhelmed” by the generosity of her followers.

Schall went to the Upper West Side bar and restaurant and live-streamed her time there, which 24 year old Ulyana Hrushchak didn’t think was that weird or unusual.

But the $7,000 tip she got certainly was – “more than twice what she typically makes in a good month,” wrote Bloomberg. Schall gave the remaining $6,000 to three other employees at Lily’s, while also covering the tab for a couple sitting near her.


Here’s a shortened live-stream from Thursday evening, which Schall has shared on her Instagram feed:

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