Cops Rescue Hawk From West Side Highway

  Last modified on January 31st, 2022

In the past, we’ve brought you instant classics including “Hawk Eating Lunch in Riverside Park” and “Red-Tailed Hawk Spotted Outside UWS Window,” as well as a curiously high number of hawk-related Instagram posts.

Now, we’re delighted to turn up the heart warm.

At around 11:15am on February 9, the NYPD’s 24th District tweeted the heroic tale of two officers who came to the rescue of an injured bird who ended up way out of his or her comfort zone.

The NY Post writes that the bird was found by the highway’s 95th Street entrance at about 8:30am, and that its presence caused drivers to swerve.


After brining the hawk to safety, the rescuing officers gave it the fitting name, “Lucky.”

hawk rescue west side highway

via @NYPD24Pct

Lucky Hawk

via @NYPD24Pct

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