Couple Collects Donated Food From UWS Buildings For Local Pantries

donating food from uws buildings

It started when Janet and Howard Rose saw the long lines of people around Lincoln Center waiting to collect food from a local pantry a few months ago. This was a concrete example of the needs of their neighbors.

As members of the New York Society for Ethical Culture’s Ethical Action Committee, they realized that collecting food from buildings and delivering it to various local pantries is needed and matches their ethical goals.


To date, they have gone to 14 buildings in their van to collect canned food, dry goods and products for a women’s shelter. Some buildings are repeats which always exceed their first visit. All they need is a contact at a building to help with building wide announcements. What is emphasized is that no building staff help is required.

Janet explains, “This is a 5 times mitzvah or gift: Howard and I are glad to be able to help those in need; the building organizers feel more in control during these difficult times; the people donating are thrilled to be doing something for others; the pantries are appreciative of the support; and the recipients receive much needed food.”

The core message is that wherever you live in Manhattan, your deed can indeed make a difference in the lives of others. Even if you live in a small building, New Yorkers will generously donate canned and boxed food. Simply get a message to the residents of your building to safely bring out bags of donated food for an hour and make a difference in the lives of your hungry neighbors in Manhattan.

Howard and Janet Rose will come to your building to collect bags of donated food and bring them to an Upper West Side food bank which works with 35 other organizations to address food insecurity in all five boroughs, Crossroads, a food bank connected with St. Barts and LSA Family Health Service, both located on the east side.

Contact Janet Rose,, to learn how to get the message out to your neighbors. No building staff will need to be involved. All that is needed is a message to your residents that the Roses will be outside for an hour with their van to collect the donations on an agreed upon day. That’s all it takes to fill their van – one hour.

Janet is requesting your participation: “Please become a part of this safe, simple, and successful way to help others in their time of need.”

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