Couple Plans Return to UWS Under Daunting Circumstances

Former Upper West Siders Jenn and Wil Anderson are returning to the neighborhood—and they need some help.

The couple moved to the UWS (85th and Columbus and then 80th and Columbus) from San Francisco after getting engaged in Central Park. They ended up staying for ten years until Wil’s work took them to Montana. They are both very excited to finally be heading back—yet with a different plan this time around.

Wil was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and is in need of an urgent transplant. He is looking for a kidney donor with blood type O. The procedure will take place at Weill-Cornell on the UES.

Wil is 50 and active. He loves traveling, playing soccer, and exploring NYC. He is a Liverpool supporter. A Cleveland Browns fan. And a Mets fan (Jenn a Yankees fan, but somehow it works!). Wil wants to continue living the life he loves with Jenn and the three cats (sisters!) they adopted from MCS on 76th years ago. They are looking forward to returning to their favorite neighborhood spots: Hi-Life, The Dead Poet, El Mitote, Jacob’s Pickles, Central Park, the Tulip Festival, the Beacon, and so many more.

If you’re interested or if you would like to share his story to help Wil find a donor, please visit, or contact Jenn at or 646-275-9790. To learn more anonymously, please go to https:/


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