COVID 19 Cases By Zip Code: A Look at the UWS (Updated 5/25)

New York City’s health department has just released COVID-19 case and fatality data by zip code, which can be searched through an interactive map.

At the time of writing, NYC has seen a total of 191,650 cases, 50,618 hospitalizations, 16,059 confirmed deaths, and 4,828 probably deaths. These statistics were last updated on May 24th at 1:15pm.

The following statistics were listed for the Upper West Side zip codes (as of May 25th):


Cases: 1,243
Rate per 100,000: 1,346.21
Percentage of people who tested positive: 22.95%
Deaths: 150
Death rate per 100,000: 162.45


Cases: 632
Rate per 100,000: 1,102.24
Percentage of people who tested positive: 20.32%
Deaths: 65
Death rate per 100,000: 113.36



Cases: 542
Rate per 100,000: 899.21
Percentage of people who tested positive: 17.7%
Deaths: 51
Death rate per 100,000: 84.61


Cases: 54
Rate per 100,000: 851.99
Percentage of people who tested positive: 20%
Deaths: 2
Death rate per 100,000: 31.56

View the full map here.

In addition, several COVID-19 “response maps” have been published. These maps display the documented efforts which have been made in each zip code and in various categories. Those categories include Testing, Supplies and Telehealth, Food, Education, and Targeted Outreach and Support. View the response maps here.

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