Delivery Workers Protest on 72nd Street

  Last modified on January 31st, 2022

On Thursday, October 15, a large group of food delivery workers took to the streets to address the issue of bike theft and to demand protection as essential workers. The protest began on 72nd and Broadway at 2pm.

After congregating on the Upper West Side, the group headed south to City Hall where a press conference took place.

The Workers Justice Project [WJP] ‘organizes low-wage, immigrant New Yorkers to build power to win change that advances economic, racial, and workplace justice,’ and has been promoting this protest throughout the week.

On October 8, delivery workers also protested silently outside of the 20th Precinct on 82nd Street. While we were unable to confirm official details behind this earlier event, it appears to have been motivated by the same issues.

Featured image provided by NYC reporter Jeff Coltin.

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