“Exonerated Five” Exhibit Proposed For Central Park

  Last modified on May 14th, 2021

Coming together over a Zoom conference last week, Community Board 7 welcomed CB10 Park’s Chair, Karen Horry, who delivered a presentation on the concept of a permanent exhibit in Central Park dedicated to the “Exonerated Five,” formerly known as the “Central Park Five.”

During the presentation, Horry outlined the goals of the exhibit: “To inform, engage and activate the public in building a path to healing for Black and Latinx communities in Harlem, the Nation and throughout the world.” Horry also advocated for education over incarceration, and the eradication of the school-to-prison pipeline that has a huge impact on her community.

Horry suggested the ideal location for the exhibit would be at 110th and Fifth Avenue. This would be on the route the ‘Exonerated Five’ would have entered the park through in 1989, when they were first arrested. It also allows accessibility to park visitors and the site is minimally intrusive to the integrity of the park setting.

On October 23rd, Horry and her team submitted a Statement of Objectives and Goals to Central Park Conservancy and New York City Parks with the support of the Mayor’s office. They’re awaiting their feedback on approval and next steps as they build support while meeting with Manhattan Community Boards.

This mission has gained the approval of the Harlem Community Board. Horry said on the Zoom they also have letters of support from Community Boards 11, 4, 9 and 2. They recently presented to CB8 and are planning presentations for CB5, 12, 1 and 3.

‘The Exonerated Five’ were wrongly convicted of sexually assaulting a white woman in Central Park in 1989.

Here’s a video of the CB7 presentation:

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