Fowl Play: Great Blue Heron Eats Rat in Central Park

  Last modified on December 10th, 2021

A Great Blue Heron was spotted Sunday morning eating a rat in the Central Park Pond, and he devoured the little creature in one fell swoop.

Manhattan Bird Alert documented the long-necked predator swallowing the rodent head first. Responding to questions from the Colosseum, David Barrett – the owner of the usually-less-graphic bird-watching account – advised that the rat was dead at the time of its consumption, and that the heron most likely “speared” it before possibly drowning it.

Another good question from the crowd was whether the rat was already in the water, or if the bird had brought it there. Manhattan Bird Alert had arrived too late to have an answer, though.


The Great Blue Heron made its first major media appearance in 2019, but hasn’t chirped up much since as it didn’t want to ruffle feathers by stealing the spotlight from the owls or hawks (or other things that become famous by flying or crawling or climbing or swimming). But, bird on the street is that it’s the heron’s time.

red tailed hawk sighting

Well, this is hawkward – a hawk who realizes he’s already beaked.

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