Giant Snake Found in Upper West Side Apartment

python found upper west side apartment

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It’s common knowledge among NYC dwellers that basement apartments are more likely to attract all kinds of critters, but these uninvited guests are typically limited to insects and small rodents – until now.


Several publications reported that a 5-foot-long python was spotted in an Upper West Side apartment this morning.

The tenant wasn’t home when the snake first entered, but a neighbor saw it slide from the street into the basement apartment on 87th between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues.

The tenant arrived at about 8 a.m., at which point, they saw the snake in their kitchen sink, according to the reports.

Officers from the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit were deployed to the scene and brought the slithery intruder to Animal Care Centers of New York, who told us it was actually a boa constrictor.

“The boa was removed from an outdoor fence in the upper west side of Manhattan,” an ACC representative told us by email. “Boa constrictors are illegal to own in New York City. The snake has been placed with a foster guardian outside of NYC.”

Animal Care Centers of New York

Animal Care Centers of New York

Animal Care Centers of New York


It isn’t clear where the snake originally came from.

According to Pix 11, staffers at the ACC named the snake ‘Severus.’

An NYPD official told ILTUWS the incident took place at 140 West 87th Street, a four-family townhouse with a relatively low number of complaints and violations.

We’ll provide updates if we learn more.


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