Looking To Go Organic On The Upper West Side?

Looking To Go Organic On The Upper West Side?

If you’re looking to go organic on the Upper West Side, you’ve got plenty of options!  Organic seems to be the buzz word these days.  And with good reason.  More and more people are realizing that what we put into our bodies really affects our health, our energy levels, how we feel, how we age, and how we function. Organic foods are free from additives, avoid pesticides, and they contain higher levels of Vitamin C, many essential minerals, and cancer-fighting antioxidants. They are also better for wildlife and the environment.

Fairway and Whole Foods both offer a great selection of organic products.  But if you are looking for something a little different than the big stores, here are a few additional options for your list of Upper West Side organic stores.

Columbus Natural Food

725 Columbus Ave

organic on the Upper West Side

To begin our list of Upper West Side organic food stores, Columbus Natural Food has plenty of organic produce as well as raw organic juices.  They offer a fresh salad bar and a variety of prepared foods such as pastas, vegetables, and soups, making it a quick and easy place to pick up a healthy lunch on the go. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they will do special orders for their customers.  It is a clean, organized health food store.  Isn’t it nice to have a pleasant and affordable neighborhood market for your organic foods and natural products?

Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods

2421 Broadway (between 89th St & 90th St)

upper west side organic

Gary Null’s has a nice selection of fresh organic produce, especially considering the small size of the store.  If you’re into the raw food craze, they have delightful raw food chocolates!  And if juicing is your passion, they have an excellent juice bar.  Diehard juicers can enjoy “Green Power Pleasure”, “King Of Chlorophyll”, or the straight up “Green Juice”, which is spinach, parsley, green chard, red chard, kale, celery, and cucumber.

They also have plenty of vegan products and several varieties of rich vegan cakes, which are quite popular.  They have a good selection of vitamins and a knowledgeable staff.  The prices are a bit steep, but that is often the case for organic and natural foods.  Although I personally have not seen him, I’ve heard that Mr. Gary Null himself can be seen there once in a while!

Peacefood Café

460 Amsterdam Avenue (at 82nd Street)

restaurants upper west side

Eric Yu opened this wholesome restaurant on the Upper West Side back in 2009, and vegans have been celebrating ever since!

Many articles have already been written touting the excellence of the delicious dining experience to be had at Peacefood Café, so I’ll try not to go on and on about this delightful spot.  The atmosphere is casual and airy, and the food is prepared and served with a mindfulness, using locally grown ingredients whenever possible.  They change up their evening specials regularly, so be sure to visit their website to see what’s cookin’.

Peacefood’s regular menu offers plenty of variety, including interesting salads, soups, and pizzas made with daiya vegan cheese if you wish.  Their sandwiches, which were the best sandwich winners in the 2010 NYC Vegan Guide, are served on toasted whole spelt rye bread, and the paninis are served on their homemade focaccia.  And don’t forget their award winning chickpea fries, served with their creamy house dipping sauce!  This customer favorite is just one of the tempting side dishes that keeps patrons coming back.

No matter what limitations you may have in your diet, Peacefood has you covered.  Vegan, gluten-free, raw…you name it, they have it!  The bakery also offers plenty of desserts that are baked in their kitchen, using no egg, dairy, or refined sugar.  They have several raw choices as well, such as raw keylime pie and raw cashew cream cheesecake, if raw is what you’re doing these days, but you still crave sweet treats!  Peacefood also offers a full selection of coffee drinks, teas, juices, and smoothies. Peacefood Café is open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm.  They also offer both delivery and take out.

Time to get healthy!

So whether you’re just starting to make the switch to organic foods, or you’ve been a hard core vegan for years, the Upper West Side has many delicious places for you to try!  This is only a short list of the numerous healthy options in the neighborhood. Stop by one of my favorites or find a few of your own!

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