GoFundMe Campaign Launched for Hi-Life Bar & Grill

Soon after Hi-Life Bar & Grill’s liquor license was suspended, a GoFundMe campaign was launched to help the bar owner cover legal fees to resolve this issue. The campaign’s fundraising goal is $15,000.

The campaign includes the following statement from the owner and staff:

“On July 30th, the New York State Liquor Authority (the SLA) suspended the liquor license of Hi- Life Bar and Grill located on 83rd st and Amsterdam Avenue. The suspension was based on the ongoing guidelines put in place for outdoor dining due to the Corona-virus.

“During this very difficult time, which is uncharted territory for most of us, we have tried our hardest to comply with such guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and customers;  however, according to the SLA, the use of our outdoor cafe atrium falls under a violation (indoor seating) which meant automatic suspension of our license.


“We were under the misunderstanding that when guidelines were modified to include street seating with solid overhead covering, i.e. tents, that seating in the cafe was in compliance. In the attached image below, the French doors completely open up and every table is divided with Plexiglas but due to the fixed roof in place it constituted the area as being indoors.

Hi Life Loses Liquor License

“Inspectors came by on July 29th and informed us that we cannot use this area. We took action immediately and closed it down but the following day SLA authorities along with the police came with no warning and shut us down. With there being such a huge grey area,  we should have at least been given the opportunity to comply.

“Hi-Life has been serving its community for over 29 years and owned and operated by a small business owner, Earl Geer. We take great pride in the community we serve. We are the only bar on the UWS that has faced such harsh penalties which include fines up to $10,000.  All donations will go directly into offsetting legal fees and fines as well as maintaining staffing and operations. It will also go towards the large amount of business we are losing out on.

“We love what we do and we want to keep serving to our amazing and loyal customers. Thank you all for your ongoing support and we will come back from this with your help.


The Hi-life Staff.”

Click here to help Hi Life Bar & Grill


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