Green Keepers Help Clean Up Riverside Park

  Last modified on August 13th, 2022

The Riverside Park Conservancy has enlisted the help of Goddard Riverside’s Green Keepers, who started helping them clean up Riverside Park on September 1.

As a result of budget cuts, the Parks Department has 45% less staff, an email from Riverside Park Conservancy’s Dan Garodnick states.

This has lead to the accumulation of trash, even though the staff members who’ve stayed on board are working twice as hard to keep Riverside Park clean.

The email says that the Green Keepers “will be out in the Park from Monday to Saturday, for several hours a day, bagging garbage, picking up trash – and helping us to keep Riverside Park clean. We are already seeing a positive impact.”

Garodnick states that this program will cost the Conservancy at least $240 per day, and while tax dollars should be covering it, they aren’t.

The Conservancy is seeking either donations or help from volunteers; those interested in pitching in can contact


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