H Mart Opens Doors!

After much anticipation, H Mart opened its doors at 210 Amsterdam Avenue (between 69th and 70th streets) at 11 a.m. this morning.

Only 30 minutes in, the store was abuzz with customers perusing the neat aisles, while two sets of huge floral displays marked the long-anticipated grand opening. Delivery boxes lined the street as employees continued to stock the store and welcome customers.


H Mart is a popular Korean supermarket chain known for its large selection of Korean food and snacks. Upon entry to the new store, customers are greeted by a fresh produce display with both loose and packaged goods next to an egg and tofu section. Customers can stock up on ingredients to make staple Korean dishes like japchae or beef bulgogi as well as pre-made classics like kimchi, kimbap, and tteokbokki. The store also stocks American name brands alongside Korean items, with a bakery section and an array of frozen foods.


Along with an impressive choice of ramen, rice and dried noodle brands, customers can find prepared vegetables and meats for hot pot in the back of the store.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, H Mart has plenty of frozen desserts, Korean candy and mochi of all flavors. This store doesn’t stop at food–several aisles are dedicated to a variety of Korean beauty and personal care products, household items, cleaning supplies, and cookware.

Founded in Queens in 1982, H Mart now has 80+ locations nationwide. Luckily for us Upper West Siders, we now have two local stores to choose between–this one and the store on 2828 Broadway (and 110th Street). A location on the Upper East Side is also expected to open soon.


After confirmation in March 2023 that the 9,412-square-foot retail space (formerly home to Rite Aid) had been leased to H Mart, ILTUWS received an initial estimated opening date of “late summer” 2024. However, the black and red signage was seen going up in the second week of May, sparking hope of an early opening. That hope fulfilled, H Mart takes their place as the new kid in town, joining the list of West 70s grocery stores with Trader Joe’s, Morton Williams, and Fairway.

Store signage says that temporary business hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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