Homeless People Pitch Tent on 86th and Broadway

Three homeless people have set up a tent on the Broadway median at 86th Street, the NY Post reports.

Amber Wilson (33), Devonte Rose (28) and a third unknown homeless man are living in an orange tent pitched on the steel grating above the subway platform. They tell reporters that they’ve been in the area for about a month, previously living in boxes, and that the tent – now adorned with their own collection of flowers – was a recent gift from a passerby.

The trio indicated that neighbors have been welcoming overall.

According to the Post, Amber Wilson is from Maryland and Devonte Rose is from North Carolina. While the Post says she’s 33, an ABC7 report from March states that an Amber Wilson from Maryland (who in their article is 35) faced “charges of tampering with physical evidence” with connection to the murder of a teen in lower Manhattan. This article can be read here.

Interviews with Upper West Siders painted a picture of mixed feelings with regards to the pitched tent, which has also been the case with regards to homelessness and hotel shelters since May 2020.

A 77 year old resident of 86th Street said “It’s getting close to the 1970s,” while a 64 year old neighbor said he’d “rather see this, that they be protected, than sleeping on cardboard.”

Amber and Devonte say they’ve been given food and money by many who’ve passed their tenant, and that they’ve been treated especially well by MTA employees. One bus driver, they say, stopped in the middle of his route to give them $40, while another brought them food from McDonald’s.

UPDATE: The NY Post reported later on Wednesday that the tent was dismantled and removed by NYPD officers, following complaints from the neighborhood.

Highlights from across the park:

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