Indoor Dining To Resume on February 12

Governor Cuomo announced Monday that indoor dining will now return to NYC this Friday, February 12, rather than on Valentine’s Day, which was initially the plan. This decision came after many industry advocates argued that too much revenue would be lost by not allowing restaurant owners to take advantage of the full Valentine’s Day weekend. New York City restaurants have already been limited to outdoor dining, take-out and delivery since the indoor dining ban went into effect in December.

Cuomo attributed his decision to the downward trending numbers of COVID-19 cases, telling reporters that the “post-holiday surge is over.”


Andrew Rigie, the executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, tweeted a note of his appreciation.

“We commend Governor Cuomo for permitting indoor dining to resume in New York City on Friday, instead of Sunday the originally scheduled date. This will allow restaurants to generate much needed revenue from the Valentine’s Day weekend business, much of which they would have lost because the holiday falls on a Sunday this year. The advanced opening and better health metrics are welcome news to the city’s decimated restaurant industry and to lovers alike.”

Industry advocates are of course happy to hear the news, but a large group of restaurant owners are protesting the 25% capacity limit. Eater reports that a group of 74 restaurants are banding together to file an emergency motion to allow them to reopen at 50%.

The attorney representing the group of restaurants told Eater that “Operating at 25 percent is untenable,” further adding that “hey have already incurred enormous losses and expenses to retrofit and make their businesses safe.”

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