Invisible Hands: Free Deliveries For At-Risk New Yorkers

Invisible Hands was created by four New Yorkers in their 20s. The group of young and healthy volunteers – who face the lowest risk in these trying times – offers volunteer services to those at the highest risk of having a severe reaction from the corona virus. Volunteers work to bring them groceries and supplies. The focus is on assisting those who are elderly or have a pre-existing condition. But, the website states that they are here to help anyone who is in need.

Invisible Hands is currently serving NYC and Jersey City, with plans to open more locations soon.

“We call ourselves invisible hands because, unfortunately, given what is known about COVID-19 we want to minimize as much direct contact in our deliveries as possible. But don’t worry, you will talk on the phone with your volunteer and you can tell each other a little about yourselves! In this incredibly isolating time we’re happy to provide you a connection.”

The four founders of Invisible Hands – Simone, Liam, Mimi, and Healy – realize that resources are being stretched thin. As such, they are happy to shoulder some of the responsibility since they are healthy, able, and have the time to help.

If you are in need of a volunteer:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the “request a delivery form“.
  3. Wait for a volunteer to call you.
  4. There are several payment methods available (the delivery itself is free; the payment is just for whatever items they are bringing you).

Or if you’d like to volunteer with invisible hands, please click here.

Another place to enter your name as a volunteer is on this sign-up sheet which an Upper West Sider created.

Also, please remember to support local restaurants by ordering delivery and take-out!


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