Like Restaurant Week, But For Gyms

The first ever “NYC Fitness Week” will run from June 5—12, and participating gyms throughout the five boroughs are offering buy-one-get-one-free deals to attract new customers.

Founded by Debra Strougo of Fitizens Holdings and Brian Chappon of CENTRED Wellness, the initiative was “born in an effort to give the profoundly disrupted fitness industry and sector the support and awareness needed for a strong recovery from the pandemic.”

Fitness Week is launching in NYC, but Strougo and Chappon are planning similar renditions in Los Angeles, Toronto and beyond.

New Yorkers who’d like to dabble in a new fitness class can browse for gyms at

Upper West Side studios offering specials include New York Sports Club (23 West 73rd Street, 248 West 80th Street, 2527 Broadway); Crunch at 162 West 83rd Street; and Fhitting Room at 584 Columbus Avenue (click each link for promotion details).

“Bridging the gap between fitness and business, Debra and Brian set out not only to support the gyms and studios, but also to help New Yorkers to become or to continue being both mentally and physically healthy.”

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