Lingering Scaffolding Driving UWS Residents Batty

Residents of an Upper West Side building are losing their patience over its scaffolding – which they say has now been there for 15 years.

Patch appears to be the first publication to have covered the rental building (pun definitely intended) located at 51 West 86th Street, between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.

scaffolding 51 West 86th Street

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In a June 30 report, Patch reports that the scaffolding shed first went up in 2006, and that netting was extended to the top of the sixteen story building that same year, with no warning. The publication has reached out to the landlord, Weinreb Management, which has not gotten back to them.

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While a Department of Buildings spokesperson told Patch that Weinreb does “… have a legal responsibility to keep their building in a safe condition and make needed repairs to the facade,” they also stated that work permits Weinreb had filed in October 2020 have now expired, leading to multiple violations and over $100,000 in penalties issued to the building owner.

The story was soon picked up by Pix 11 News, whose reporters spoke with residents who are fed up. “I hate the scaffolding,” said one resident to open up the segment.

Beyond the eyesore and headache the scaffolding and netting have created, residents facing the front of the building are frustrated over the lack of sunlight and abundance of pigeons these building obstructions have led to.

At least some of the residents of 51 West 86th Street are paying a pretty penny to live there, with Streeteasy showing past 1 bedroom listings in the low-to-high $3000s and 2 beds in the mid-to-high $4000s.

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