Maria Danzilo Faces Cyber Attack

  Last modified on April 9th, 2023

Maria Danzilo, a candidate for City Council’s District 6, announced through a Monday tweet that her website has apparently been the victim of a recent cyber attack.

In her letter, shared on Twitter the day before Election Day, Danzilo wrote that “Because we have the momentum, we are a threat. I am saddened to report that our campaign has been the target of sophisticated and visious cyber attacks intended to derail us and stop our momentum.”

The letter continues to state that “On June 2nd, our website was attacked with excessive login attempts by ‘bots,’ causing a 2 hour shutdown. On June 18th, while early voting was going on, another massive ‘bot’ attack was launched against our website, causing a much longer shutdown. Through the hard work of our dedicated team, we were able to counter the attack, and we have installed additional protections.”

Danzilo specified that there were over 20,000 login attempts on her website.

While hacking through excessive login attempts – also called “Brute Force Attacks” – are commonly carried out by bots which hackers program to indiscriminately target websites (something which is even more likely the case when those login attempts number in the tens of thousands) – Danzilo states that she and her team have “consulted with cyber experts who have confirmed that this is a coordinated attack intended to distract and destabilize our campaign at a critical moment of the campaign,” adding that they intend to “pursue legal remedies after Election Day.”

Jeffrey Omura, who is also running for District 6, replied to Danzilo’s tweet by saying that his “campaign has also been targeted,” suggesting to Danzilo that sh avoid clicking on “links in phishing emails” and that she change all of her passwords.

Regardless of the intent behind the attack, and whether or not it was targeted, dealing with hackers is not fun.

Earlier this month, Danzilo also made our pages for unfortunately catching a glimpse of a naked man walking around the Upper West Side.

This has not been an easy month for her.

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