Marshalls Closing Due to Alleged Building Safety Issues

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Another big box store bites the dust. After receiving reports from tipsters that Marshalls (located at 2182 Broadway and the corner of 78th Street) is set to shutter, we confirmed the last day for discount shopping will be March 25.


If you’re guessing it’s the result of a company-wide shutdown (à la yesterday’s news announcing the closure of all Harmons Face Values locations), you’re mistaken. Apparently, the Upper West Side outpost is the only branch shutting its doors. An employee reached via phone noted that “due to problems in the building, [they] are closing for safety.”

Marshalls first opened on the UWS back in May 2014, arriving with a bang (and free hot dogs for customers) on the bottom of luxury rental building The Larstrand. The retailer spans four levels (with two underground), which are chock full of marked-down apparel items, accessories and homewares. They also offer a selection of toiletries, cosmetics and other knick-knacks (think party décor and snacks). Despite loyal fans who have successfully navigated the cramped escalators to seek out designer duds for less, numerous shoppers had notably negative experiences (just look at the wildly mixed bag of Yelp reviews).

While many derided the emergence of yet another chain store in the neighborhood, plenty of people consistently came from far and wide to get in on the sale action. Though the Marshalls team member was unable to share exactly how low prices will go, you can likely expect more markdowns in the lead-up to March.


Marshalls shares the ground floor retail space with a CVS, which confirmed they will remain open as usual. We were unable to reach The Larstrand for comment.

Shortly after publishing this article, we received the following statement from Marshalls’ press department:

“Our Marshalls store at 2182 Broadway, New York, New York, is expected to close by March 25, 2023. We are always assessing and reviewing our real estate strategies, and our decision to close this store reflects that thinking. We are grateful for the loyalty of our New York customers and invite them to visit our nearby stores to continue to find great values, including the Marshalls on 6th Ave (Avenue of the Americas) and the T.J. Maxx on Columbus Avenue. To find the store nearest to them, customers can check our website at or call 1-800-627-7425.”


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