Masks No Longer Required on NYC Subways

masks now optional nyc subway

December, 2021: MTA Chief Customer Officer Sarah Meyer, NYC Transit Interim President Craig Cipriano and MTA Chief Safety Officer Patrick Warren handing out free masks to customers in the subway system. Photo credit: Jessie Mislavsky / MTA

Governor Kathy Hochul announced Wednesday that “Starting today, masks will be optional in some places where they had previously been required, including on mass transit.”

This message was echoed by the MTA itself, which shared some signage you can expect to see on your forthcoming commutes:

In addition to mass transit, “places like shelters, correctional facilities [and] detention centers” will have mask-optional policies statewide, Hochul said at her Wednesday briefing.

“I want to thank everyone who’s been complying on our transit system for 28 months … a long time. I know for many it became second nature but it’s always been a visible reminder that something is not normal here. And it was there for the right reason: it protected health. And now we’re in a far different place than we had been as we continue to watch the trend — this is not a one-day snapshot — this is watching the trends and we’re seeing a stabilization of those numbers.”

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