Missing Colorado Woman Found

  Last modified on January 24th, 2022

A Colorado family received “an early Christmas present” after it received the long awaited and welcome news that their missing loved one was found, the New York Post first reported.

Alyssa Olivier, a 39-year-old Colorado mother who struggles with mental illness, was first reported missing on August 6, 2021. She traveled from the Centennial State to visit family in Kansas before setting off for the City this past summer. Friends reportedly stopped receiving text messages from Alyssa shortly after she arrived in New York on August 2.


Olivier was believed to be on the Upper West Side in late September and early October. She was spotted in the neighborhood twice at the time, clearly in distress as she yelled and kicked at several passersby. Without a phone, identification, or wallet, she was later believed to be near Union Square in mid-October, not far from where she attended art school at Cooper Union in the early 2000s.

Alyssa’s family hired a private investigator who eventually tracked her down while she was living on the streets. However, it is unclear from what role (if any) the investigator played in finding Olivier, who’s now staying with a friend who lives upstate.

Alyssa’s mother Kristie told the Post she was relieved that her daughter was safe, but was letting her recover with friends before contacting her. “That’s on purpose. … You can’t go from living on the street to putting on some clean clothes, taking a shower and that puts you back to normal. So her friends are helping her.”

Kristie planned on reaching out to Alyssa on Christmas Day and was getting updates from her daughter’s friends. “The process is to do this on a slow basis. It’s reintegration and a healing process. … Since she’s stable at the moment, I don’t want to throw something into the loop,” she told the Post.

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