Multi-Faceted Concept Store Opens at UWS Church

Lya Pouleyy 3 West 65th Street

Lya Pouleyy – a dancer, hand model, artist and self-described ‘Wellness Creative Coach’ – has opened an eponymous concept store at 3 West 65th Street within Trinity Luthern Church.

At her new all-in-one space, Pouleyy sells her art (paintings, digital prints) as well as custom clothing, accessories and installations; she also takes custom requests.


When customers walk in, they might also find her making creative use of her new space; at any moment, she tells us, they might catch her creating, painting or even dancing.

Starting in January, she plans to open the space up for monthly events including meditation, body movement classes, dance workshops, art classes and karaoke.

“I want to create an experience, something people haven’t really done before,” she tells us.

Pouleyy was born and raised in Paris before coming to New York in 2014. Her varied background includes work as a hip hop journalist, hand model, dancer, life coach and artist. Throughout her journey she’s interviewed Busta Rhymes, modeled for The New York Times, and even had a series of portraits of her painted by Kehinde Wiley (the artist who painted Barack Obama’s Presidential Portrait)

She credits the opening of the store to Chashama, a non-profit that partners with property owners to transform unused real estate into spaces for artists, small businesses, and for free community-centric art classes.

Located at 3 West 65th street below the Trinity Church, customers will see a brown door with a buzzer that says Lya Pouleyy. Just hit the buzzer, head down the stairs and you’ll find the store!

lya pouleyy concept store

The store is open daily from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. until December 22. Starting in January, the hours will change to Thursday-Sunday from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Pouleyy tells us operating for only four days each week will give her time to create new products.


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