Neighborhood Group Works To Time Capsule 2020

The Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group has a new initiative called the 2020 Project, designed to collect area residents’ impressions of life on the Upper West Side during this tumultuous year.

For decades, the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group (BNHG) has been researching, collecting and archiving information about this Upper West Side neighborhood (primarily between 96th and 110th Street), and has been energetic about sharing that information with others.

2020 has been filled with significant history, and the BNHG has initiated this special project in the hopes that residents of the Upper West Side will contribute to it. By collecting impressions from people who live here now, the group will be able to create a first-person narrative that will serve as a genuine record for the future. While the group’s focus is on a specific stretch of the neighborhood, they are open to receiving submissions from all Upper West Siders.


Submissions can be whatever you want them to be: photos, paragraphs, poetry and so forth. And they can be credited to you or remain anonymous.

“We welcome memories of neighbors who passed away this year, as well as observations of going back to school, the election process, and beyond, this fall. Whether you have stayed in the city or have chosen to spend this time away from it, the group would like to hear from you,” a BNHG representative states.

To see what has been shared so far, and to contribute, please visit

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