New Public Art Exhibit to Feature Seven Large Sculptures Along Broadway Malls

Sean Scully Broadway Shuffle

Background: the Broadway Malls at West 79th Street, c/o Google Maps. Inset: “Stack Blues” (In honor of Arthur Danto), c/o Sean Scully / Lisson Gallery

Seven large-scale sculptures will soon be unveiled along the Broadway Malls as part of “Sean Scully: Broadway Shuffle,” a new exhibition on view from July 12 through March 2025.


The sculptures – “each one a unique vertical stack composed from various configurations of metal, stone and wood,” according to a press release from the Broadway Mall Association – will range from about 7 to 20 feet tall, and will be placed at medians between 64th and 167th streets.

Here’s the full list of sculptures included in the exhibit (from south to north):

  • “48,” 2024, Aluminum and automotive paint, 20 feet tall; Broadway and 64th Street (Dante Park)
  • “Sleeper Stack 2,” 2018, Railway sleepers, 8.5 feet tall; Broadway and 72nd Street.
  •  “Silver Brown Tower,” 2019, Corten and stainless steel, 9 feet tall; Broadway and 79th Street.
  • “Composite Grey Silver,” 2024, Corten, stainless steel and marble, about 7 feet tall; Broadway and 103rd Street.
  • “Stack Blues (In honor of Arthur Danto),” 2018, Aluminum and automotive paint, 9 feet tall; Broadway and 117th Street.
  • “Shot Through,” 2019, Corten steel, 12 feet tall; Broadway and 157th Street (Ilka Tanya Payán Park).
  • “Shadow Stack,” 2019, Corten steel, 14.7 feet tall Broadway and 167th Street (Mitchel Square)

Scully, who for five decades has been celebrated for his stripe-based abstract paintings, has also won acclaim for his extensive body of drawings, prints and pastels. His “Broadway Shuffle” is the first exhibition in the United States to focus exclusively on his sculpture, a practice that has engaged him for more than twenty years. Like his paintings, with their blocks and bands of sensuous, sometimes smoldering color, the sculptures also offer a daring distillation of color and geometric form.


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