NYC Headlines: Casinos, Trump’s Trip, Bagels

  Last modified on July 28th, 2022

Here are some brief summaries of trending stories around NYC. Follow each link for more info!

NYC high schools will resume in-person learning on March 22. An estimated 55,000 students are expected to return to class – a very small percentage of the total number of public school students between grades 9 and 12. About 26% of teachers will also continue to work remotely. [ NY Daily News ]

As of March 10, all New Yorkers aged 60 and above are eligible for the vaccine. Public facing essential workers from government and nonprofit entities will also be eligible beginning March 17. In addition, restrictions on vaccine distribution sites will be loosened; starting March 17, all providers except for pharmacies will be allowed to vaccinate all eligible New Yorkers, while pharmacies will vaccinate those over 60 as well as teachers starting March 10.  []


The New York Times has gotten in on the New York bagel bashing, publishing a March 8 article titled “The Best Bagels are in California (Sorry, New York).” This came out just three days after Food & Wine published its list of the country’s best bagels, which also slammed those found in NYC (though they did show some love for Absolute Bagels).

Donald Trump recently made his first trip to NYC since leaving office. Spotted outside Trump Tower on Sunday at about 9pm, the former president waived to the one supporter in the crowd, who was accompanied by a group of protestors with signs, one which read “Florida Man Go Home.” He is believed to have come to the city to inspect his business operations as several legal inquiries are pending. [ Newsweek ]

NYC could be getting a casino. Three major casino companies – Wynn Resorts, Bally’s Corp and Las Vegas Sands – are competing for a license as Albany is expected to put out a request for proposals next month to boost the economy and create jobs. [ NY Post ]

Mayor de Blasio has announced a $65 million relief plan for struggling taxi medallion owners, but many drivers and industry advocates aren’t having it. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance is seeking a bailout which would cut every driver’s debt to $125,000; the Alliance’s director says the mayor’s plan would be a “cash bailout for lenders while drivers are left to drown in debt, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. This is not debt forgiveness. This is not a collective solution to our crisis. This is not justice. The mayor’s plan is a disgraceful betrayal from a city that already has blood on its hands.” [ ABC 7 NY ]

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