P.S. 333 Principal Claire Lowenstein Will Be Leaving Her Position

The parents and teachers who have long sought to remove Principal Claire Lowenstein from her post at P.S. 333, the Manhattan School for Children, may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

After a reader’s comment hinted that Lowenstein may have been removed, we reached out to P.S. 333 parent Jonathan Goldman who suggested we contact City Council Member Gale Brewer. She confirmed directly to ILTUWS that the embattled principal would be leaving the school. No other specifics were immediately available as to exactly when or why.


NBC 4 NY reported last week that parents and teachers had recently united to protest Lowenstein, an education professional who has reportedly faced allegations of racism, lack of diversity, and lack of attention to children with special needs as well as bullying of staff, teachers, and students.

The New York Daily News detailed some of those racially charged allegations in 2019.

“Many of their grievances were racially tinged, ranging from complaints Lowenstein ignored multiple allegations that a white eighth-grader was selling drugs in school to the claim Lowenstein allegedly told two black sixth-graders to “Leave your street problems outside of my school!” according to the Daily News.

“The case against her includes allegations she failed to assign staff to handle the caseload for at least one student with an IEP, or Individualized Education Program, and that she moved a Hispanic staffer’s work space to a utility closet after the staffer returned to work from child-care leave.”

The New York Post piled on in 2021: “Among various complaints, the survey alleges that Lowenstein has hired too many white teachers and not enough faculty of color in a ‘years-long campaign of discriminatory hiring practices.’”

Lowenstein has been P.S. 333’s principal since 2014. She received two no confidence votes, one in June 2019 and the most recent one in November 2021. Nearly 80% of the school’s employees did not support Lowenstein’s continued leadership in 2019, according to the Daily News, and roughly 86% of parents and staffers shared the sentiment in November 2021, according to the New York Post.

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