Participatory Budgeting Results Announced: Here’s Where the Money’s Going

Nine community improvement projects were put forward in the 11th cycle of participatory budgeting this year to receive a portion of $1 million in capital funds from Council Member Gale Brewer’s discretionary funding budget. Participatory budgeting was implemented by City Council as an opportunity for district residents to propose, evaluate, and vote on projects that serve their community.

1,711 members of Council District 6 voted, some online and some in person, and four projects were selected. These items will be added to the Council’s 2022-23 budget proposal, which if passed will take effect in July 2022.


Security Cameras on Broadway, Amsterdam, Columbus, & Riverside Drive: 672 Votes, $320,000 to install eight security cameras on Broadway, Amsterdam, Columbus, and Riverside Drive to deter crime and ensure public safety. Locations determined in consultation with NYPD.

Jessie Isadore Straus School Infrastructure Improvements: (P.S. 199, grades K-5, 270 West 70th Street): 617 votes, $300,000 to upgrade & repair two existing student restrooms (replace fixtures, stalls, floor/wall tiling, ADA accessibility).

Greening Broadway: Trees & Tree Guards on Broadway above 72nd Street: 592 Votes, $250,000 to install approximately 35 trees & tree guards on the sidewalks along Broadway. This would make the avenue a more attractive destination, is environmentally sound, & offers additional shade.

Center School Technology Grant: (M.S. 243, grades 5-8, 100 West 84th Street): 578 votes, $117,000 to purchase 12 Promethean Boards & 30 laptops with one laptop cart to ensure each classroom has a smart board & laptops that are connected to the smart boards. This project will ensure that the school has technology deployed to the classrooms to support an enriched and interactive learning experience.

“Participatory budgeting is an exciting opportunity for residents to get even more involved with local government, said Council Member Gale A. Brewer. “Upper West Siders are very civically engaged, and I am grateful for the support of volunteers who made this effort possible. I look forward to seeing these projects implemented and beautifying our streets and improving education and public safety.”

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