Revel Shuts Down NYC Operations

After the death of a second rider in Queens, Revel has suspended its NYC operations.

At 10am on July 28, Revel announced the news in a tweet.

Earlier this month, CBS reporter Nina Kapur was killed while riding as a passenger on a Revel moped.

In the early morning of Tuesday, July 28, 32 year old Jeremy Malave died after crashing into a light pole in Rego Park.

This news of Revel’s shut down also comes after many New Yorkers voiced concerns over the ride-sharing app.

Revel had just recently announced new safety measures and an increasing number of user suspensions:

“This summer, we’ve ramped up our rider accountability policies, resulting in the suspension of more than 2,000 riders in the past six weeks. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out new measures to encourage safe riding, including an in-app safety exam that we’re developing with the help of industry experts. All users will be required to complete this exam in order to continue riding, and any user who doesn’t will lose access to Revel. Starting this week, you’ll also have to confirm that you’re wearing a helmet before every Revel ride.”

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