Santa Fe Closed – At Least For Now

  Last modified on January 3rd, 2021

The staff and owners of Santa Fe, located at 73 West 71st Street, recently took a vacation. A sign previously posted in their window said they would be returning on August 23, at which point they would continue serving the Upper West Side.

But a new message has recently appeared in Santa Fe’s window, on their website, and in their voicemail greeting. This message states “Santa Fe is unfortunately closed … for now. We were unable to reach an agreement regarding our rent. We hope to see you in the neighborhood some day soon. All our best – the Santa Fe team.”

Santa Fe’s customers have responded to this news by posting a petition by the door of the storefront.

The letter reads as follows:

“Santa Fe restaurant has been a dining staple in our neighborhood for years. The cuisine and the people who work in the restaurant are simply wonderful.

“As local diners and residents we would encourage you to please assist the owners of the restaurant to the best of your ability, negotiating a temporary agreement to (keep them) open. Once this nightmare is over, we are all most certain that the restaurant will be returned to its previous dining activity levels.

“An altered temporary rent reduction agreement is better than no agreement. In this regard, there is now way you could possibly rent the space while the pandemic is among us. You may be able to collect insurance payments for the vacancy, however you will most certainly lose the support of those who frequent such establishments.

“Should an agreement not be reached due to the aforementioned, and we lose this lovely restaurant, please note, the undersigned will not agree to frequent any restaurant that will in the future take its place at this location.”

The bottom of the letter includes signatures from those who have pledged to not do business with whoever takes over the space, assuming Santa Fe is unable to reopen.

We’ve contacted the landlord and will provide an update if and when he gets back to us.

The family owned and operated restaurant has been on the Upper West Side since 1982. It’s long been recognized for its superb margaritas, both on the rocks and frozen, and its Southwestern and Mexican dishes prepared by Chef José Gonzalez.

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